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Permit Course Policy


Fee $460

30 hrs. Classroom

10 hrs. Behind the wheel

1 hr. parental involvement (in car with student)

80% on final exam. All homework must be completed

Must be 15 years old or older, age verification required (passport or Birth Cert.)

All electronic devices must be turned off…PHONES,MP3 OR ANY OTHER DEVICE

While in the classroom students must dress accordingly

Must wear proper shoes for driving (flip flops are not allowed…recommend soft sole shoe)

Payment in full is expected by the 7th class.

If there is cancellation for driving time we require a 12 hour notice, if not a fee of $25 the will be a charged for cancellation.

REFUND: Fee for each class attended $ 65, will be assessed, and a fee for each 30 minutes of driving time of $25 will be deducted from refund.  

If a class is missed the same class must be made up, 30 hours of classroom is a required. Once started the course must be completed in 6 month

Program must be completed in order to receive course completion certificate